Will Payment Come? Update on CircumNews.com

As promised, I committed to writing an update on my journey with CircumNews.com. There has been a lot of questions on whether this is a legitimate business opportunity or not. As stated on the company website:  “CircumNews company is an agency which presents current information from leading world’s mass media.”

Circumnews about

The site has been temperamental, to say the least. I got involved in this opportunity on 11/11/2013. A few weeks ago it went down for two days, saying I did not have an account.  Then suddenly, it was back up. As you can see in the company statement, one gets paid for reading articles, anywhere from $2 – $5. Yet, some days there are new stories to read, other days not. To date, 100% of the articles are CNN articles. I cannot find any statement from CNN, the FTC or PayPal and Payza (the payment systems one chooses from for payout) indicating one way or the other if this is a legitimate company or not. I can find several blogposts and YouTube videos created by marketers expressing outrage as well as others who are giving this company the benefit of the doubt.

I reached the payout threshold last night (12/3/2013). If you recall, back in September the payout threshold increased dramatically from $100 to $350.

I’ve requested payment in the amount of $363.05:

circumnews payout 12032013

payment confirmation

payment in process

Here you can see the number of payments is now 1 and my balance is back to $0.


Fourteen business days seems like a long time to wait for a payment to hit a PayPal account. However, according to the website, that is the policy. Fourteen days from today is December 23rd. There is another odd statement on the site that says “payouts are done every 7 workdays.” I have no idea what that refers to, whether the payout system only runs once every 7 days or what.

So, stay tuned. December 23rd seems to be another big announcement day, let’s hope so anyway!!

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14 Responses to Will Payment Come? Update on CircumNews.com

  1. Robert Millward says:

    I hope this turns out well because reading during the winter would be a great way to earn extra cash.

  2. Jazmin says:

    My payout day would be Dec 24th or 25th, will keep you informed.

  3. Curtis says:

    I’m so excited for you, today is the day! I really hope payment will come to you! I’m currently awaiting payment myself Jan 9th!

  4. Mateen says:

    how many days payment will sent in our Payaza accounts sir plz inform me…….

  5. Dyreka Jones says:

    so did you ever get paid

  6. joanna x. says:

    I joined a week ago and for the past couple of days I can not log in.. man I surely hope this is not a scam… smh..

    • angel326 says:

      Hi Joanna, that happened a week to me after I joined back in mid November, I was locked out of CircumNews for two days. I was able to login in last night and again this morning. Not sure what could be going on for you. Still no payment, I do not know of anyone who can show payment proof to date.

  7. im still waiting on my money

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