Marketers Beware: CircumNews.Com is a SCAM

scam It is a marketer’s worst nightmare, to find out that a program turns out to be a SCAM. Time and energy is spent doing the work and in some cases, people part with money to join. Most marketers follow people, not programs. And, in this industry, there is a lot of “hype” on timing; you know “Right Time, Right Place, Right Now.” And while that may be true, there is a risk. And the risk is if the program is new, everyone is busy sharing the business opportunity, pushing the “timing” and on and on.

When I got involved in CircumNews, it was relatively new. There  any social proof that anyone had received payment yet. The selling points for me was 1) the program was FREE and 2) I would get paid for reading news articles from “leading world mass media” as stated on the CircumNews website. I was excited at the idea of earning on my own effort vs. recruiting. I looked at is as another stream of income and had intended this stream to be used to purchase necessary provisions.

Circumnews01052014I have worked this business opportunity for two months now. One payout request was made on December 4, 2013, which should have been paid to my PayPal account almost two weeks ago.  Another payout request will happen tomorrow. After tomorrow, I am finished spending any time on it. It is unclear to me how to go about filing a report with the FTC, PayPal, CNN (which was the source of every article that appeared in my feed from CircumNews) and DSA. I’m not even sure DSA would get involved in this particular business opportunity. I will figure it out, however, as I intend to follow through completely with this experience.

The Truth Will Set You Free

Meanwhile, stay away from CircumNews.

Until next time,

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6 Responses to Marketers Beware: CircumNews.Com is a SCAM

  1. I’m so sorry this ended up being a scam, especially after all your hard work. I have so many ideas on how to pay the people who do this back! Thanks for the warning!

    • angel326 says:

      I am glad I did not spend any money on this. I think my biggest regret is that I did introduce four people to this when I started promoting it right after I joined. Acta non verba (Latin: actions not words). Still a lot of work on filing with all of the entities. I do believe I will write an op-ed for CNN.

  2. Angela, I too am sad that it turned out badly. For sure contact the state attorney general. S/he may be able to force a “not valid in Washington State” message onto their website. And if I were one of the four I would be thankful. My introduction to MLM cost me tens of thousands.

  3. Curtis says:

    Hey Angela! Thank you for your update! That is a shame that its a scam. I wish the people behind this will be punish! Scams like these makes me not trust the “work at home” module. I to will figure out a way to contact all of the agencies!

  4. Crista Baasch says:

    Yeah I was supposed to have a pay out last week but nothing…I hate when these sites waste our time!

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